Erhvervsfyrtårn Vandteknologi

A visionary business lighthouse for water technology

A united water sector

Denmark must be a lighthouse beacon in water technology solutions that the rest of the world will be looking towards. More than 80 stakeholders have joined forces to develop new innovative, sustainable, and efficient water technology solutions that can attract international talent, research, companies, and investments and support the growing Danish export of world-class water technology.

Denmark will lead the way toward the green transition

In Central Region Denmark, the Business Lighthouse for Water Technology brings together the Danish water sector and forms strong innovative partnerships between e.g. utilities, businesses, knowledge institutions, public actors, and innovative small and medium-sized Danish companies. The commercial lighthouse embraces the entire Danish water sector and will, through a number of development projects, contribute to a CO2- and climate-neutral water sector by 2030.

Ambitions and goals

Create an international hub for innovative, sustainable and efficient water technology solutions.

Develop the world's most sustainable, climate resilient and digital water supply.

Double the export of water technology from 20 to 40 billion DKK in 2030 and create new Danish jobs.

Contribute to a CO2- and climate-neutral water sector.

Increase the number of start-ups and SMEs within the water technology sector in Denmark.

Build a world-leading high professional research and knowledge environment within water technology.

Build a world-leading knowledge base for lifelong learning in water technology.

“There are some hugely exciting innovation potentials in the Lighthouse programme in terms of developing new water technology solutions for the future and the therefore the vision for the Lighthouse i set to point 10-15 years into the future. So we must must ensure to involve and partner with both public and private sources of funding, to ensure the power of innovation in the watertech programme in both the short and the long run! ”

– Tom Heron, Regional director of NIRAS and deputy chairman of the steering committee for the Lighthouse Watertech Programme

The lighthouse program includes 28 projects across seven tracks

The vision for the Watertech programme is that the various projects across the Danish water sector will deliver worldclass, innovative, sustainable and efficient water technology solutions and thereby push the green transition forward at an increased speed – at both local, national and global levels.

Skilled Workforce
Test & Demo
Research and Innovation Partnerships
Green Transition
Data & Data Sharing
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Export Opportunities

Want to learn more?

Please contact us if you have further questions, if you are looking for a business partner within water technology, or if you need help finding your next water adventure.

Project owners

The 6 project owners drives the projects in the lighthouse programme in partnership with a large consortium of relevant companies, knowledge institutions, utilities and municipalities.

“In the short term, we are working to create leading test and demonstration facilities on a large scale. This is done to ensure long-term talent development and create the framework for many more startups and more business development in the companies within the water area ”

– Ulrik Gernov, COO of Grundfos and Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Lighthouse Watertech 


In 2022, the Danish Board of Business Development has granted a total of DKK 595 million to eight different consortia that will develop regional business lighthouses of the future. 

Nearly DKK 76 million was awarde to the Lighthouse for Water Technology.

The grant includes REACT-EU funds which are targeted at a green and digital restart after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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