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Digital Drop-in: Water Quality


Water Quality

Water Quality – getting closer to real-time monitoring

Become more familiar with monitoring methods for microbial activity and its potential 

Water Living Lab under the Lighthouse Water Tech invites to digital drop-in with focus on water quality and the possibilities in online measuring.

Real-time monitoring of microbial activity

Presence of bacteria in drinking water distribution networks can have large consequences for consumers and the utility company. Most sampling strategies are based on samples taken at a specific point in time.

Realtime monitoring of water quality and biological parameters provide the opportunity to connect water quality and microbial activity with network operations or treatment efficiency and opens up new perspectives for drinking water quality control and purple water system optimization. 

Hear about the learnings from the Water Living Lab project and join the co-learning about securing higher water quality.

Kontaktinformation til arrangør:

Water Valley Denmark
Tlf: +45 93400080


Dato: September 2022

kl: 7. februar 08:30 – 10:00

Lokation: Online

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