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Watertech Connect

Based on several well-established international networks and partnerships, an open, digital community has been established where SMEs can gain access to international and national opportunities. The partners behind the project facilitate and share the opportunities in close cooperation with many international networks, organizations, companies, clusters etc. who are interested in collaborating with Danish water actors.

Watertech Connect is a digital platform that brings together and supports Danish water players who work with innovative, sustainable, and effective water technology solutions. The overall goal is to promote the green transition locally and globally.

The international opportunities on the platform will particularly target priority markets in Denmark’s export strategy for water, including India, USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and China.

Explore the opportunities

Create an account on the platform and get access to worldwide opportunities within watertech.

What the platform offers:

  1. A sharing of financing opportunities.
  2. Concrete market and business opportunities.
  3. Invitations to events, exhibition opportunities, and other activities.
  4. International and national innovation projects and partnerships within the water ecosystem.
  5. Participation in demand-driven matchmaking between end-users (including larger companies, public actors, and suppliers) and innovative SMEs.
  6. Networks of a broad ecosystem of companies, consultants, knowledge institutions, utilities, public actors, clusters, industry organizations, and other actors.

New opportunities



Scott Grønnegaard Allison
Senior Projektleder
+45 5029 6771

Project period
Start: 23. november 2021 Slut: 31. august 2023

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