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What if Lab, Water

What if Lab, Water (WiLW) aims to improve the talent attraction and bringing a significant innovation boost to the water sector in Central Jutland and the rest of Denmark. At What if Lab we are matchmaking ambitious students with industry partners who wants to solve the future environmental challenges within the field of water. 

What if Lab is an innovation hub, placed in the Spring in Aarhus. As bachelor or master student, you can be part of What if Lab by choosing one of our project proposals set by one of our industry partners, but we also love when students bring new ideas to the table.

Who can apply?

What if Lab is for bachelor and master students who are about to write their thesis or project assignment. The water sector calls for different compentences to adress the environmeltal challenges of tomorrow and we are sure to find an industry partner that matches your ambitions.

What if..? is the most powerfull question you can ask the future.

What-if-questions challenge existing logics and the way we look at today’s challenges. By gathering the right people and formulating the right questions, we believe that solutions will appear from new perspectives.

Project proposals

Are you a student, curious about the innovation potentials within the water sector?

Take a look at our project proposals and contact us if you find a topic you would like to work with.

These project proposals are just some of the innovation themes that the water sector are curious about. Let us know which one you would like to work with or feel free to apply with your own project idea.

What's in it for you as a student?

We offer:

  • Matchmaking with industrypartner
  • The joy of exploring real world challenges within the water sector
  • A boost for your network within the water sector
  • Relevant proffesional experience, even before you gratuate

Who knows.. What if Lab might be your short cut to your first job..

Interested in becomming an industry partner?

We offer:

  • Easy access to talent attraction
  • An innovation boost and direct access to up-to-date research
  • New insigthts and qualified research on overseen trends, technologies and new business potentials
  • The opportunity to show the water sector as an attractive career path

Submit your project proposal or contact us directly to hear more about your options.

Industry partners:



Maja Arenfeldt Kragh
Projektleder, CLEAN 
42 83 26 83


Start: 1. november 2022
Slut: 31. august 2023

Apply to What if Lab

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Submit your project proposal

Fill in the information below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

For inspiration take a look at the project proposals, set by other industypartners. 

You can fill out the form in Danish or English.

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